Healm Navigation

  1. What is the Program Pathway?
    • This is your personalized journey to coverage of the National Diabetes Prevention Program (National DPP) lifestyle change program. Healm asks you to share certain information about your organization, which will help link you to topics and content that are most relevant to you. Healm will use your responses to direct you to specific locations along the Healm Program Pathway.
  2. What is a step?
    • The steps are the numbered topic areas that appear in your Program Pathway.
  3. What is a section?
    • Under each step, there are several sections with more information about each topic area. Some sections ask you to share information about your organization to help guide your Program Pathway.
  4. I answered a question about my organization incorrectly. How do I correct my answers?
    • Locate the section with the information you need to correct. Click the Resubmit Step This will bring up the page you submitted previously and allow you to make changes. Click the Submit button when you’ve completed your updates.
  5. I reviewed a section, but it does not have a check mark indicating completion. Why?
    • After you review a Healm section, you can take one of two actions. The first is to click the Mark Section Complete button to indicate that you have finished reviewing the section. The second is to click the Submit button to submit any information you have entered into the platform. After either of these actions, a completion check mark will appear on the section menu.

Healm Information

  1. Do I have to complete the steps in my Program Pathway in chronological order?
    • Use the Healm platform in the way that makes the most sense for your organization. The steps are in the appropriate chronological order for implementing coverage of the National DPP lifestyle change program. Following the steps in order will help you if you don’t know where to start. But it’s not required. You can begin working in any sections that are relevant to your specific situation. For example, you may need to jump straight to the Build Leadership Support Section to learn how to engage your organization’s leaders. Or you may not need this section at all because you already have leadership buy-in.
  2. Can I download information from Healm?
    • Downloadable resources are available throughout many of the Healm Sections under the Resources column.
  3. Can I review a section or step again after Healm indicates that I’ve completed it?
    • Feel free to navigate back and review any Healm information again at any time.

Healm Dashboard

  1. No data are showing in my Dashboard. Why?
    • You will provide the data for your Dashboard. The data will reflect your employee population, and your actions and outcomes as you implement the National DPP lifestyle change program. You’ll need to add this information manually. You can update your data as often as you want, but we recommend doing it at least every 6 months. Reach out to your Healm Guide if you need help.
  2. The numbers for annual cost and prevalence are not correct. How can I update those?
    • Estimates for annual cost and prevalence are provided. You can use these data initially but may want to update these fields as you gather more accurate data from your organization. To update, click the link for Edit Statistics and populate the correct values in each field.
  3. I don’t understand all of the metrics in the Dashboard. Help!
    • Use the Healm Metrics Definitions resource to find important information about each of the metrics. You can download the definitions and print them for easy reference. If you need direct assistance, use the Support button to request help from your Guide.